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Hi Guys,

Been a while since ive posted, Right well ill cut to the chase..looking at putting down a deposit on my first house so needing to free up some cash but still would like to remain behind An R, this thread is a FEELER but if the right R32 comes up ill probably part with mine.

Purchased the golf r from VW beadles in dartford last august, it was there Demo car, it has absolutely every optional extra apart from the recaros and in RISING BLUE METALLIC


and all the normal standard features of the GOLF R

The car was registered in MAR12, so just over a year old, still with over 2 years warranty, technically im the second owner with the first being BEADLES VW

the milage is 14,900, i brought it with a reading of 8,600.. the car is completely standard and no modifications
i also had the front covered in ventureshield which cost me £450 so not even a stonechip to the entire front end, Its also had a coat of williams ceramic coat which is said to protect paintwork for up to two years.

im very very OCD, as a previous member on here who brought my MK5 R32 can vouch for me

Unfortunately there is two faults to the car, some will say its nothing to worry however im very ANAL about detail ect

One Alloy is slightly curbed and about a month ago being sidetracked detailing my car the pad flew off and i manged to somehow continue and burn about 2inch of paintwork along the rear bumper, ive had this in for quotes with VW approved bodyshops and they say no more than £300

apart from that, the car is as new, interior plastics are unmarked, there is no scratches, stonechips or paint defects. As my R32 Did, my new r has only ever been ran on TESCOS Monumentum 99 and Shells VPOWER.

Pics will follow later this evening of my R

now my criteria for a Mk5 R32 is very precise so i know it isnt going to turn up, im prepared to wait
but im looking for -

2009 (09) or 58 Plate No earlier
Milage 35K and Under
Pearl Black or Deep Pearl Blue
3 Door
Not really fussed on recaro sport seats
Sunroof would be lovely
as many Optional extras as possible

i know you guys care for your R's, hence why i thought it would be the first place to post up, bodywork has to be well cared for, interior again..im not expecting brand new as what im looking for is 4-5 years old now

this thread is only really for someone looking to part with there R32 for the Latest R and Cash my way

Any info needed just shout, as ive typed this up a tad fast, so apologies
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