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#2373 Here!!!

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I just traded my '06 GTI for a '08 UG R32 w/o nav. Can't tell you how much more fun this car is to drive than the GTI. The GTI was Stg 2 so I've given up some power but it's well worth it for thid R!!!!!!!
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hi and welcome!! i did the same, coming from a GTI, so pleased i did!!.

Your from USA?
Welcome to the forum :D
Kraft said:
hi and welcome!! i did the same, coming from a GTI, so pleased i did!!.

Your from USA?
Yes, Orlando, Fl
Thanks everyone! It's really cool seeing so many from across the pond :) I actually lived in England for a couple years when I was young....does that count?

A lucky escape. Since you've left a lot has changed. We're now not allowed to think and if we work hard enough, the thinkers take our money off us and apparently make better use of it.

Phew, where did that come from?
The truth is out beware mi6 know where you are.:D:D:D

I went back to London in 2001 and loved it!

Don't feel too bad guys, it's not any better here in the States. Moron, (President Bush), thinks we're not in a recession and still thinks he can make up words because his daddy said so! He makes us look like a bunch of retards to the rest of the world.

Well, I'm sure the FBI or CIA will be stopping at my cube anytime to detain and question me for not being patriotic. For a country that was founded on freedom, religious mostly, our government sure does a good job of telling us how to live our lives and what values we should instill. Maybe I should move back :D
woo..how political! lol

lets all go to australia!
It's too difficult to get a decent pint in Australia!!
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