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3 DBP Mk5's northwest

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Spotted a gleaming DBP Mk5 R in Saint Helens whilst visiting family! I think you spotted me aswell!

Second spot was today at 4pm in Walkden at Total Fitness Gym. Was a 5dr DBP with private plate.

Third was also today, at around 5pm just near the Shell garage on the east lancs (a580). Was another 5dr DBP.

Anyone from here?
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Mine was the shiney one in st helens! Yes i did see you too, car is looking good
Cheers dude!

I was speaking to my brother in law and he said your always pampering it! Ha ha! Yours looked gorgeous! He's the lad with the lotus's btw!
i'm well known for being a bit OCD on the cleaning!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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