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6364 Update - Low power?

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I'm not sure if my R has had the 6364 update... are there any tell tale signs that it hasnt been done?
I've only noticed it this week, but before 4000 revs, there isnt a great deal of power, then over 4000, suddenly it pulls hard.
Should be noted that my Exhaust emmission light came on this week as well. its bookin to to VW tomorow, but just want some ammo to fire at them regarding the 6364 update....

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Yeah it sounds like it mate. They should check at least for free, they will prob have to plug in the vag com anyway to sort out emission light so they could always do it for free then!
its under warranty from them, so they WILL do it for free, even if they dont like it.

do you know if milly exhausts etc void th warranty? not modded at all yet, thinking about the future...
The 6463 update was called the anti-hesitation update - The .:R's effected were known to have a flatspot/lack of power around the 2000rpm mark before "pulling hard". It does sound like you have the symptom although I'm no mechanic so it could be something else - especially if you've had a warning light come on.
I've just had mine updated on saturday and although i havn't driven much since it did feel very different low down...car used to feel as if it was boggin down at 2-3000 rpm before waking up and pulling...definitely felt more responsive afterwards

had the EML on a week ago aswell, it was just the coolant temp sender which i knew needed changing to the newer green one
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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