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95 RON is a false economy anyway

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I know I shouldnt run 95 but have done for work journeys as i only get 19p per mile back thinking it was cheaper.

I recently went on a 380 mile motorway trip and noticed I received better MPG on the higher quality fuel. So maybe running 95 was a false economy?

After a few calcuations it seems that at todays prices (in green) I'm making a 1p per mile saving ny using the higher RON petrol. When the figures are played with a bit its evident that as long as I always see the same MPG gap there will need to be a 12p per litre difference between 95 and 98 RON before its economical to use cheap fuel. I was always happy to pay a little more for the better performance but it turns out I was getting it for free all along. Bargain!
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Great stuff!

Can't believe there are some people actually use 95ron all the time, our engines just aren't meant to run on it :eek:
Got to be 97 RON minimum, use Excellium generally as I can't be arsed driving to the V-Power garage.... :D
you get 35.6 mpg??? i want to know how you manage that! :D
16vTej said:
you get 35.6 mpg??? i want to know how you manage that! :D
:D I amazed myself. Was 2500 revs in 6th pretty much all the way. Must have dropped on the optimum. No idea what the Extra-Urban is quoted as on the MKV but I cant see it being that high.
yep my car with all its mods gets 35.6 mpg, went to the new forest last weekend at got 35.6
I get paid 40p a mile so I'm quids in :D
vealige said:
I get paid 40p a mile so I'm quids in :D
bugger :p

I go the 21p difference as tax relief though :xD
vealige said:
I get paid 40p a mile so I'm quids in :D
Snap! :xD
zirconium said:
yep my car with all its mods gets 35.6 mpg, went to the new forest last weekend at got 35.6
Hi Shaun,


Is the good MPG because you have remapped you'r R ?

I always use Super Unleaded.

The MAX I get is about 30ish.:frustrated:
in the r iv never done a good mway run my overall average is about 26 mpg i did manage 44mpg over 50 miles in my 320 bhp mk3 vr once lol
it depends how you drive the car I guess. I got about 390 miles out of a tank on 95 RON, and that was normal driving over about 7 days, very little thrashing, 50% motorways, 50% commuting on 30-40mph roads.

I really try not to use 95 RON unless its an emergency. The car feels better, smoother and more responsive on 97 RON+. Hope thats not just my imagination :D
I just can't see how you've managed to get those sorts of MPG figures.

With Super unleaded I totally agree that MPG is slightly higher, but in the 30's mpg in a MKV?!! Before the remap I only ever managed 28mpg on a trip home to Plymouth and that was being so light on the throttle at 75-80 on the clock (and my speedo reads 6-7mph fast) that it was exhausting to drive!

At the weekend, I drove to Santa pod for the FIA Drag championships and this was my first decent motorway journey with the remap, I noticed no dramatic increase in economy what so ever.
Totally agree with the above.......I have never seen a '3' at the beginning of my mpg figures and barely even see a '2'!!! - Having said that I don't do a lot of motorway driving.......

V-Power all the way - even if it does cost £1.30 down here!!!!
I got over 30mpg for the first time on Wednesday, drove 40 miles at about 30-40mph all the way in traffic and even then it was only 30.4mpg!

Usuallly only get about 19-25mpg on my daily drive and I've only ever used vpower since I got it in October, most miles i've had from a tank is about 290...
I drove from Ashford to Canterbury (about 12 miles or so) and due to following a queue of traffic I was doing between 55-60 for most of the time, which returned an MPG of 33 :)

Now I've had the remap a few months I am beginning to see slightly better MPG, but only 1-2mpg more on my usual journeys.
Well i did get 35 mpg :)

Just verified it in real maths rather than the trip computer and its within 0.8 mpg
I think cruise control helps to maintain economy, 75-80 is a good speed, regularly see 32mpg in 6th gear of course on trips of 30 miles on the motorway.

on my commute, I use 6th gear lots, travelling at 30-40 mph, keep moving and I see 33-35 mpg on a 12 mile journey. using 6th does push it up towards 35mpg. Lots of stop-starts at traffic lights or in traffic will kill that economy and push it down to 27mpg.

I dont rev the car much as its just commuting drive, and of course its not fun driving, its just A-B driving. That said, I do pop the windows down if its warm to listen to the exhaust/engine!!
On my commute my mpg rarely goes above 25mpg., but I enjoy my commute.
I see 20mpg around town max or less and 32mpg on a run with my mods and i only ever use tesco 99. Vmax and bp ultimate is a waste of money and there pumps always well busy.
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