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A bit of shinage!!

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It's not black mate It's anthracite grey! All to do with good light...

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Alright Andy,Good job,both look awesome....
Hey mick, I'm good thanks mate. How's things with you dude, did you get your car sorted after??
All good thanks,was the thermostat as you said, went through the list of things that you said,glad thats all it was...thanks for your help regarding solutions to that
,still need aux belt and air filter sorted out though.
cheers, Mick.
Ahh cool glad to hear it was a simple fix in the end mate... These VR's can be very temperamental when components in the coolant system breakdown, as you've now discovered they like to spew up all over themselves ha! Make sure you get that belt done buddy, or she'll be spewing up again!!
Very very nice
Nice grey i like that, but the dbp blows it out the water,

Thanks mate, but as much as I too like the dbp, the anthracite will always have my heart... and it looks the nuts on a 32..????
Probs cause its rare on a r32 to get that grey, that why its stand out more to you personally. Plus the fact its no top of the range and yet ppl are quizing you about it.
Cracking car care at the end of the day,

Ey who's quizzing who about what?? & whats not top of the range?
The fact I prefer the grey anthracite has nothing to do with it being rare mate... I simply prefer the colour! That's all...
I've just added a little video at the top of this thread, of the drive home from Bristol Volksfest 2013, with myself & the main legend (lee).
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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