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A/C Condenser Replacement MK4 - Ridiculous Price!!!

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Hi all,

Had my air con re-gassed twice now and both times the refrigerant leaks to zero within 6 weeks.

Had dye put through the system and ultraviolet lights around the system to see where the leak could be. Turned out the condenser was covered in refrigerant and needs replacing.

I am going to get a used one for cheap off eBay but wondered if I can fit it without taking the front end off?? Possible to do it with just front bumper off???

Any help is appreciated.
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You mean the ac radiator? You'll need the bumper off and the beam off...and then I was able to sneak it out.
You should use the opportunity to put a new ac filter with new o-rings on aswell. Like this, here my old one is removed=

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I basically need to get bumper off, crash bar off then support radiator from below. I can then unbolt condenser, remove piping and slot new one in hopefully.
You don't have to support the water radiator, it has different fixing and sit tight. Bumper and front beam off, and then pull the frame forward just as much to take the ac RADIATOR out and the new one in. Here I have my new one in place ready to put bumper on again;

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I got a non genuine one (4-seasons); noticable thinner compared to the oem one...but like you said, for the price there was no option really. Mine has worked fine so far.
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