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I dunno if you lot are aware, but I found this thread on the Aussie forum. GolfmkV.com


It shows how to get one of the a/c LCD's to display various functions.:fisheye:

**Note: I haven't tried this yet, and I haven't ever used VAG-com. Sorry if this is old news.


VW Climatronic Readouts

1. Hold down "ECON", and press the "up-vent" button (next to recirculation). Both temperature displays will read 00 or 00'0, and you can release the buttons once they do.
2. Twist the LEFT temperature knob until the display above reads 19'0.
3. Twist the FAN knob until the left temperature display reads 19'1 (like 19.1).
4. The right temperature display is now a digital speedometer! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

--- For tach (in x100), twist the FAN knob until the left temperature display reads 19'3 (like 19.3)

--- To reset and go back to normal operation, hit the ECON button once.

These are the different settings the Climatronic can display. The numbers on the left indicate the "CHANNEL" it MUST be SET to:

• 1.0: Temp as read by sensor in middle fan speed knob.
• 1.4: Light intensity falling on same sensor.
• 4.0: Outside Temp - front bumper
• 4.1: Outside Temp - roof.
• 4.2: Outside Temp - rear bumper (inside temp?)
• 15.0: Oil Temp
• 19.0: Uncorrected Speed (Km/h)
• 19.1: Uncorrected Speed (Mp/h)
• 19.2: Coolant Temp
• 19.3: Tachometer (x100rpm)
• 19.4: Oil Pressure
• 25.0: Voltage

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Does anyone know if this works? I'm about to try a few thing in an hour or so.... Once I've walked to get my car!... Wish I had a driveway!

I'm sure my speedo is reading too LOW. From what I'm finding just now it seems like it used to be a common problem?

Mk5, 57plate.

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that is cool id be interested if someone could try it see if it works first lol

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Would this work in a MK4?? d
My mates 1997 Ibiza has similar set up....
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