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A HUGE thanks to the OC from Big Toe!

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I just want to say a sincerely huge thanks to the R32oc for all their help overs the past 4 and half years..

I have gained so much knowledge about VW ( and i thought i knew alot)! and they has ALWAYS been another member at the end answering all questions i have ever asked.

But more importantly, id like to thank all the good lads on here who i have meet in various meets. the old skool boys and the new boys too!
To name just a few, Rory,Daz, Anakin, Reevo, Jamesbaby, RichR32, and many many more ( apologises if i missed you out) you all know who you are.

This has been a great OC and i will always pop on to see who yous all are!!

I have an oilburner now for a while but watch this space for whats coming next!!! The housing market is important at the mo so that first!

BIG thanks again! and best of luck to you all!

Fingers crossed my .:R goes to someone who apprciated and looked after it as much as I have..

Over and out..

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Good luck with your plans mate!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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