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Hi R32 Fans

I am really struggling to find a good example of R32 MK5 DSG on the market at the moment...

Most of them have been heavily modified or been through too many owners.

I appreciate most of the owners in this forum would really look after their R32s.

Therefore anyone who is interested in selling their precious car do please feel to let me know :)

The car I have in mind is:

  • Less than 120k mileage
  • Not black or red (had too many black cars
  • Not heavily modified (minor touch to improve style or performance is accepted)
  • 18" Omanyt alloys

I think most of you guys would like to find the next owner to appreciate a well look-aftered example of R32 and I am super cautious about my car. Hope I could find the right car in this forum, much appreciated!

Thomas Yan
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