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Abs and airbag light on help non R32

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I bought a 1.0 2001 polo for my son about this time last year had but have been unable to insure it as getting quotes for 7k plus. So car has been stood on drive for 12 months we have decided to sell it. Went to take it for mot the battery has totally died put a spare one on and it started straight away (good trusty vw) however the abs light and airbag light has come on these was not on when it was last used and this is now a mot fail. Took car for
mot and only failed on binding brakes (cause its been stood ) and the dreaded lights on dash any idea why it would do this as they was not on before is it because battery died and would it be a simple reset job as if it is something more serious it could be scrap which would be a real shame as car is sound apart from abs and airbag light and it would be a grand down the drain
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Hi imsure you cant run vagcom through it as its before 2003 ( pre obd years ) , i would be checking simple things first like fuses , connection to air bag ect ect
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