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absolutly soaked passenger rear footwell

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my passenger rear footwell is SOAKED any idea where the water could be getting in? i presume its when i wash the car... but its soaked iv poked the two bungs out and can squeeze the foam and it runs out :/
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Common areas of water ingress on the MK4 are;
- Sunroof drain tubes blocked
- Door seals
- Pollen filter housing.
Pollen filter housing is under the scuttle on the passenger side. Just check that the 2 halves are sealed properly and IIRC there is a flap which deflects the water away from it. It's been a long time since I looked at one.

Drain tubes are at each corner of the sunroof. Slide it back and you will see the holes in each corner. The front 2 exit with a rubber nipple just below the window pillar . You can see it if you open the door and look around the hinge area. The rears exit inside the rear wheel arch. You can run a thin welding rod down the tubes very carefully to unblock them.
Coolant has a distinctive sweet smell, so if it's the heater matrix, you can normally tell. Plus as Michelle says the coolant level drops.

Due to the soundproof foam absorbing the water, even after the cause of tje leak is fixed, it can take forever to dry out.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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