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This is the second time Ive worked on my car, 08 R32, and after the fuse blew after starting the car and turning on the fan/a/c.
The first time, I did a oil change and pulled the front bumper cover to clean up behind there and do some maintenance.
This time, I installed a Forge intake.
Both times, when I first started the car, the 'Oil Workshop" light blinked. Then when I turned on the fan and A/C, the fuse blew. I shut off the car and replaced the fuse, and it blew again.
I previously unplugged the hood latch sensor to try to address the issue. It seemed to go away after I jacked the car back up and wiggled the oil pan sensor wire. That time I went thru a whole pack of fuses trying to trouble shoot the problem.
This time, i did not go near the oil pan or even under the car. I did open and closed the hood a few times, and wiggled all the wires close to the area I was working in to install the intake. I went thru 3 fuses this time.
I noticed the oil workshop light again and did not turn on the AC on the ride home.
When I got home, I shut off the car, then turned the ignition back on and watched for the oil workshop light. It did not come on. So I switched on the AC and it was working properly.

Im pretty confused with this issue. Im a pro motorcycle mechanic with over 10 years experience. I can troubleshoot lots of stuff lol but Im having a hard time figuring out where to start on this one.

Is this a common issue? Or am I in for a good lesson?

Im pointing to the fuse that has been blowing, its the 5 amp on the top right.

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