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After 2000m I'm starting to "get" my MK V R32

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Its taken me a while, but I'm finally starting to understand my R32.
I've had a few Subarus and Audis in the past and though it would be sort of a mix of the two. Has anyone else thought similar ? :-

First impressions were great - looked good but subtle, everything on it etc.
Took it very easy for 600m then 1000m on started to gun it. Handled well, sounded good, all the usual. BUT the novelty wore soon off - why ?

I'd read a lot about the pros and cons of the DSG box, which I actually found very good in Sport mode on A roads, and ok to waft along in D around town.

What I didn't like was how it worked at typical 'outside lane' speeds on the motorway where it would kick down from top to 3rd or 4th in a flurry of noise when all I wanted to do was add 15 or 20mph as smoothly as possible.

I now push the gearshift over into manual and paddle between 6th and 5th and let the torque do the business. So much better for the miles I do and has transformed the car for me.

What made me finally 'get' the R32 was five minutes exploring 6th gear on an empty mway toll road, before flicking the cruise back on and blending back into the background.

GREAT car !
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I drive in M using the paddles about 95% of the time now but when I first got the .:R I was using D nearly all the time. When you're on the motorway in D try just giving it a bit more throttle rather than clogging it. If you just increase pressure on the throttle a bit it'll drop to 5th and you'll get the acceleration you want.
As above, I've found that out with mine. Gently depressing the accelerator in 6th will either pick up speed as you want it to or as Burble says, drop it down to 5th.

If you plant it or accelerate harder then yeah it'll drop it down 2 or 3 gears :)

I've only had mine 2 days but it really is an Awesome car!!
Got that Milltek ordered yet modifiedmadness? :D
I'll try that thanks.

Also, anyone know how to make the speed limit warning beep louder ?!?
- I had it permanently on the other day even though I'd upped it (again). I could do with it being really loud to annoy me enough to slow down !
I thought the speed warning was meant to beep once (or twice) when you went past the set speed, no beep permanently.
burble said:
Got that Milltek ordered yet modifiedmadness? :D
lol give it a few months and it will be, still gotta go Nurburgring in August and America in September :D
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