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Air Con issue

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Hi all,
I've had my mk5 R32 for about 6mths and noticed that it takes aprox 5-10mins for the air con to kick out cold air. Now i've done some digging on here and on vwvortex and can only come to the conclusion my HP/LP switch is knackered. Has anyone had a similar issue and resolved it? I don't think its the compressor because it does kick in and blows ice cold air but takes 5-10 to do it. The "technicians" at VW over here in dubai say its normal and there's nothing to fix but I'm unsold on that.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the replies guys, the local VW dealer when i went in and spoke to him, he changed his mind and said the compressor was on its way out. I'll wait until it's unbearable.

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