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Had abit of a time with my mk4 r32 recently. Traveled from Devon to London yesterday to watch a band, on the way up my windscreen cracked. Main point, was in the traffic and the temp gauge went a notch above 90, wasn't worried as been travelling 3 plus hours and 40 mins in London traffic, had air con on 18degrees, then the temp went warmer like it was on econ.
On the way home come midnight, it was colder to have econ LO then it was to have Aircon LO. Broke.
Had a look today, engine running, press auto, you hear the note change in the engine drawing power, the small air con fan works ( I thought that might not have been working and over heated?)
So it is working but making it cold. I had a re-gas last year. I do have the bypass kit that goes under thr battery tray to overcome the fan, but the fan is working so I guess the kits doing it'd job. Not sure if I did it correctly, had a look on the Climatronic codes, all I seem to get is numbers 1 to 9, on number 9, to the left it has 87?
87= 09= is displayed.
Also don't know if related, this hose was split. Looks like the hose goes through the bulkhead, like it could be air con related?
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Thanks for any info!
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