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All electronics work but the car ignition wont turn over at all

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I bought my mk5 r32 last October and it has had a bad battery but all electronics have been fine and without issue except for it being slow to turn over everytime I started the ignition, but it always started.

Over the last week it has been getting worse and taking longer to turn over, sometimes failing until I gave it a second before trying again, but would still start.

Now today when I turn the key in the ignition it doesn't turn over at all, not even a sound comes out. But all electronics in the car work fine, I can use the central locking, the radio and Bluetooth, the dash is working fine, wipers, indicators, and I can even hear the fuel pump pressuring when I turn the key to turn on the electronics.

I looked at the fuses but didn't see one that was blown (might just be that idk what it looks like when it gets blown).

Is the battery really just not strong enough to turn the ignition anymore or is it something else?
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I would look at the starter first. When those start to go they are intermittent.

Hope you don’t have the same problem I had…

I was having electrical gremlins for several months in 2020. Dead battery and no start symptoms. It would be fine one day and then be dead. Alternator good. Battery new. Thought mice got in there and chewed on wires so looked for that for weeks. Thought it was a shorted out ground wire coming from the ECU. Replaced it. Was fine for a weekend - then dead again. Finally pulled the ECU (between the wipers). The ECU was completely corroded inside. Even had a water line inside the ECU housing. I have always blamed it on poor sealing of the unit, after a custom engine tune in 2015. BUT have since seen other ECUs that were corroded inside. So maybe a VW thing or an old car thing…

The whole episode took 9 months of frustrating and expensive trouble shooting. Even blamed COVID for a while, because 2020 was a BAD year. I actually had a heart attack about half way through the problem and I was considering parting out the caR at one point, because life is too short…

In the end, persistence ruled.

Hope you get to the bottom of it.

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