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Had a pretty shit morning at vw, my bonnet had seized and was absolutely impossible to release looking at one stage like the grill might have to be cut off (real carbon fibre circa £££)

Anyway, won't bore you with the detail but the mk5 bonnet release mechanism is extremely vulnerable to all the elements, water, salt, dirt right at the front of the car, and is right in front of the radiator so is cooked nicely at 90 degrees celsius every day, this all plays total havoc with it, and more so in this hot weather.

So everybody out there, open your bonnets, copper grease, olive oil, wd40, ky jelly, whatever you can get and lubricate the life out of it, as it is a BALLACHE if it seizes up.

Don't say i didn't warn you

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I chuck a bit of WD40 on mine every now and then and pull the leaver a few times to work it in just to stop this happening. Found it was starting to seize a bit after the winter.

well worth doing
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Thanks for the heads up fella, No doubt i will be getting under the bonnet at some point this week for a good clean up, and i'll check the catch while i'm at it.
Oh Niall, that's really bad crack. Hope it got sorted with not too much damage.

:quickly goes to lubricate the bonnet hinges:
Having to break the grill to open the bonnet was a requirement on the Corrado as well. It's a security thing, otherwise anybody could pop the hood and cut power to the alarm, steal your blue coil covers, hide a 3 week old salmon in the scuttle area, etc etc
thank you for the heads up. will do it this weekend.
Sound advice, going to lube mine up this weekend, cheers fella
Sound advice, going to lube mine up this weekend, cheers fella
Make sure to lubricate the bonnet release catch too at some point.
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thanks mate
great tip
one for the book
Wouldnt want a salmon in my scuttle.

Will take a look at that!
The bonnet latch on my MkV seized a while ago...the garage managed to get it open with little damage (and a pervy comment about lube!). I thought it was an unfortunate one off so thanks for the heads up...I'll lube up tomorrow

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No probs people, hopefully helps someone else out there! It was unbelievable how dried out my mechanism had gotten, surprised they got it open.

Lubrication for the nation.
I went and had a look at mkv r32 to buy a few months ago, everything was going fine until he couldn't open the bonnet, felt sorry for the bloke really. Didn't buy it in the end, felt he was just one of these blokes who don't bother checking under the bonnet as he said the last people to open the bonnet was the garage he uses.
Ill do that tonight as mine gets stuck now and again
Thanks for the heads up mate - will take a look at this on the weekend!
Lubricate the life out of it
Truer words were never spoken
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