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Aluminum Seat Latch Handles

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My OEM seat latches have 'broken off' on more than one occasion although easily refitted, a relatively new company Vdubmax have come up with a product which means your seat latch handles will never come off again because they are fixed on in the OEM way but with the addition of grub screw retainers:

Clear Anodized

Click below to be taken to the Vdubmax website to order yours now:


Also available in black

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Shame there ship to USA only :mad:
Wayne said:
get in touch macdaddy ;)
dont worry there on my list for future GB's. My next ones going t be for the Eip interior vents and seat adjusters !!!!:151:
Wayne said:
get in touch macdaddy ;)
But i'm on with it already ;)
Apologies chaps, there was a Groupbuy for these seat latch handles which was via VW Vortex but it ended Friday March 16th with orders being mailed out on Monday March 19th.

I hope those of you who are members of Vortex managed to get in on that GB in time.

Vdubmax will definitely ship to the UK as I managed to put my order in sometime ago for these handles, send them an email asking them to confirm the shipping amount due if youre interested.

Below is a link to the previous product I ordered from Vdubmax:


Awesome product and the LED is very powerful it light up the ceiling above my car in the garage :)

As they are no longer listed on the website they must have been a one off production run.
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I've emailed them about setting up a GB, So fingers crossed
Drawn a blank for any discount, heres the reply :

Thanks for the email.

You can use the purchase link for UPS 2 day for shipping which is close to
the amount for shipping to the UK. At this time we are not offering any
discounts since we just did a very large group buy. But if you would like a
set go ahead and just the information above to do so. If you would like to
bundle a few orders together to save on shipping let me know, we can work
with you that, to help reduce the cost some.

VDubMax, Inc.

Theres a mild postage discount for a few but i'll keep on trying till i get something better. :2gunsfiring_v1:
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