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AmD Stage 2 on MKV

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Has anyone had it done? I'm on the verge of booking it in. £1000 seems a lot of money for 20bhp but what can you do when you're struggling up against diesel Audis? AmD Page on Stage 2
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Do it! Milltek cat-back is apparently a great mod (not the full system which looses torque low down). What remap is it? e.g. superchips, inhouse etc...
Its an in-house rolling road remap. They did my 1.8T Mk4 years ago and it took them 6 hours! Nearly got smoked by a diesel audi today, was very shocked. Urgently need more juice. Think spending 1k is going to be my limit though, car has already cost me 23k. Worried that doing it with only 3k miles on the clock might be too soon though.
you should be ok with 3k from what I've read. I think +5k is the reccommended amount though. I would say another cheap mod you may want to consider is a panel filter from someone like K&N.
AmD do pipercross panel filter. I was thinking doing filter, Milltek cat back and stage 2 remap. Total cost should be around £1k and will hopefully turn my car from liking it to loving it. AmD remap on my 1.8T Mk4 was the best £600 I ever spent.

Read on tyresmoke some guy who had everything done, high flow cats etc. and actually ended up with LESS power than when it was dyno'd as stock.

Today's near humiliation on the A10 means it has to be done though, will phone them and book it in tomorrow then will let you know how it goes.
That would have been a chap called Richard I think (RS32 or similar username). he did pretty much everything possible without going FI. Owns a M3 CSL now. I believe Milltek have now withdrawn the full system for the time being due to the losses in lower RPM's. Hope it goes well mate, may do the same type of thing early next year.
Decided to get PiperCross induction kit too. D'oh - need another mortgage!
Decided to get PiperCross induction kit too. D'oh - need another mortgage!
Where you getting this from geez?
From Piper Cross through AmD. Apparently they have it fitted to their race car.
How much was it mate? Is it a cold air induction kit or just the filter?
I think its a CAI with the filter in the wing. There is a thread here with some pics. Price from AmD is £249 + £50 fitting plus VAT.
Oh yeh! Right Im there. I avin one. Should sound mean as fook.
OK. Had the work done today. They had forgotten to order the Pipercross CAI so I got the panel filter, Milltek and Stage 2 AmD remap. They didn't have a rolling road so I don't have before and after dynos which I think was pretty poor. Exhaust is pretty central although I think one pipe is slightly lower than the other one. Also, in 6th gear at about 3500 rpm I get a distinct mechanical ticking noise from somewhere directly under the gearstick by the sounds of it. It goes when you accelerate through. I think it was there before just not as audible. Haven't noticed an appreciable improvement in performance. Overall not that pleased, should have saved the cash.
Sounds like your none too chuffed then.Mind youthe re map may be more noticible after a few more miles once everything sorts its self out.The exhaust will seem tinny for a while and the noise may be over amplifing because of this.I thought the same and only noticed an improvement after 600 miles or so.
Its not all gloomy yet !!!Hope not anyway:playingball:
Thanks mate. Makes me feel better
Any thoughts on what the mechanical ticking noise might be?
When do you get the ticking noise? I'm intrigued to know what the low volume hiss is when I open the driver's door, sounds like a gas discharge!

What do you think of the R32 after the Box-S?
The hiss is the fuel pump priming itself ready to start the car.

I think the ticking is simply the sound of the engine at about 3500rpm, but the exhaust is amplifying it. You can hear it out of the window, or with the windows shut it appears to come from the bottom centre of the car. I am worried that the propshaft for the 4motion may be hitting something. Car still only done 3780 miles, maybe it just needs bedding in.
I'd have AMD have a look at it..... That doesn't sound right.
Having added 20bhp to a car that's 250, it's not something that's going to pull your socks off, what you should get is a smoother more responsive car. The chip and exhaust will need to settle in and I hope you'll fell it was money well spent later on. You will find it easier to notice the gains when you go back in a stock R32.
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