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Anton's MKIV Golf R32

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1 of 32 New Zealand New R32's


- Schrick Cams
- Milltek Cat Back
- K&N Panel Filter
- Ground Wire Kit

- HPA Performance Clutch Kit - Picture
- HPA Taller Gear Set - Picture
- HPA Short Shifter Kit - Picture, Information
- Ranton Stiffend Rear Engine Mount

- S3 Upper Strut Brace (Modified to fit over the V6 Block)
- Ranton Custom Rear Upper Stress Brace - Photos: Brace Installed
- Suspention: Unmolested

- Standard R32 Leather Recaros

- Blacked out Front and Rear VW Emblems
- "The Holey Grille" mod - Photos: Before, After & Installed
- Cupra R Front Splitter - Install Photos: 1 2 3 4

- Alpine CDA 9887
- Alpine V12 Amp
- Concealed Dual 8" Setup

- Factory Cruise Control Unit - Picture
- Distance to Empty Mod - Picture
- Illuminated Needles - Picture
- CCFL Boot Lighting - Photos: Before & After
- Custom Puddle Lights - Photos: The Lights & The Effect Install Photos: 1 2 3 4

Wish List
- De Locking Kit - Info
- KVW100 Key Fob/Window Function Integration - Info
- Powerflex Front And Rear Urethane Suspention inserts - Info
- VF Engineering Engine Mount Kit - Info
- Haldex Sports Controller - Info
- H&R Sway Bar Kit
- SuperSprint Headers - Info
Colour Coding
- Strut Brace to Match the Matte Red Colour of the Coil Plugs
- Engine Cover to Match the Exterior Colour of the Car "Black Metallic Pearl"

Dyno Run 27.2.07

On Pukekohe Track
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Nice car with some nice mods! was a good read and well laided out. you got plans for any further mods ?
Excellent post.

Welcome to the forum :D
Nice car mate and my favourite colour! :xD
Cheers guys..

good to find a dedicated forum again

the car is supposed to have Schrick cams i can not confirm or deny this as i havent pulled the rocker cover off to see for myself!

and i really want to get it rechipped.. it was mapped at one stage

but AMD Technik fucked my ECU (before i bought the car) fried a few circuits and did a piss poor patch up job on them.. so the car has a factory fresh ECU..

other than that

no further mods..

am loving it just the way it is..

more power could be nice.. but with one more ticket till loss of licence.. and the god awefull roads here in New Zealand its hardly worth it..
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You have an R32 and you live in NZ, that's a winning combination! Looks fantastic mate, some nice choice of mods too.

Here is a relativly unimpressive dyno video for the car.. from last year

found it on my computer today...

best part is the noise imo..
That's a smart car mate. Some say black 3DR's are rumoured to be the fastest too..... :wink:
Thats the truth saw it on tv other day while watching ten commandments
no:6 thout shalt not question the speed of black R32s.lol:)
thanks guys

we got the vw nats on easter weekend so will shine her up and try and get some piccys down there..
Hi mate, nice update and NZ looks amazing!:wink:
Tokyo Dub said:
Whoa, stunning!

Great car, best colour.
Hi Tokyo, I second that :wink:
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here is a slightly doctored one.


from the same day

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Hi Anton, Beautiful scenery, better roads, better weather, less tax perhaps? Right, am leaving now....:xD If only....? :(
Scenery is great

Tax is so so

12.5 goods and services tax

33% business tax

i thin 39% personal tax if you earn 120,000+ a year

free health care

roads are ok.. substandard in some areas..

oh and nice population of 4.4 million all up so country isnt crowded at all..
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Profile Update

More Pictures

Distance to Empty Mod - Illuminated Needles mod - Cruise Control Installed
Awesome, I've got family on south island...Keep being invited over!!
Rock on over

South Island is well loved by most Uk peeps :p
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