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Im mainly a print designer/web designer by trade. So things like photoshop manipulation come naturally, but not things like lowering, and adding body kits - i dont think i have the patience!

Anyway, ive linked to some photoshop work i did on some cars, and also to some photographs i took, the latter of which im really only just starting out.

Tire Wheel Sky Car Vehicle

Thats my friends 2007 997 GT3 in pearl white, absolutely beautiful car, and such an animal! Taken with a Sony Alpha A100X on auto, edited to b/w in photoshop.

Jaw Organism Gesture Finger Dog breed

Again the 997, b/w with altered wheel colour, and graffiti in background.

I have a few more, ill add them later on. Anybody else into this type of thing ? :)

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A guy I met recently is a dab hand with Photoshop although hes not an R owner :)

I shall tell him about this website to see if he is interested in helping out.

Here is an example of his work. The example is a Mk2 Toyota Yaris:


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