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Iv got a fairly old MacBook Pro. It's been fine since I bought it years and years ago. Until last week, it won't turn on

When I plug the charger in the indication light on it is green to show its fully charged. But the indication light on the actual battery itself only one lights up as if the battery is pretty much empty.

Iv been online and tried all the weird ways to reset and things but nothing.

Now I'm guessing the battery is dead. Wouldn't surprise me it has lasted a while.

Just wanted someone who knows to give confirmation really...

And also if this is the case, where's the best place to order one where its not going to rape my pocket but will still last longer than a week?!

Cheers in advance.

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Sounds like the battery is failed. My MBP did this after 3 years.

They will swap it an an apple store - you have to make a genius appointment and you are looking at £100. I did this as it was a work mac book, and I expect the new battery is now under some sort of warranty.

For comparison, I bought a third party battery from eBay for my wife's MacBook. I made sure that it was supplied from the uk. Probably still from china, but you get fast delivery and maybe some comeback if it's duff. It cost about £40 from memory. Fitted it myself, and it's been fine for at least 3 years so far.

Both computers still going strong though, more than you can say for some


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