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Anyone help???

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Started up the R this morning & the dash display flashed up ALTERNATER WORKSHOP,can anyone tell me if anythings wrong?

Many thanks
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Mine did that a few weeks ago...it lasted about 2 seconds....i have had it checked for faults and nothing was found
Check alternator belt is tight sometimes it can do this when youy start it because voltage is a little low as well.Mine did it and then it was ok.
Might be worth just getting it checked though if alternator faulty it won't be charging properly and you might find yourself stranded one day.:(
I was in the car for half hour ish,It flashed up 4 times in about 2 minutes then never came back.Have not got a clue where the belt is?Thanks for the quick replys
Hi Devil,

have a search for full answer but quick answer is

a) your battery isn't holding charge hence replace . about £89 inc vat

b) you alternator is on way out replace . lots more £ !

Check charge voltage on battery before all above .

Thanks everyone for the quick response.
mine has doen that a couple of times but only when ive only just saved it from a stall when im not conctrating on driving lol, its just about the voltage making the alternator think its receiving not enough or no charge etc... but if its gone i wouldnt worry about it
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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