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I'm sure most of you will remember I had an AP Racing kit for sale on the forum not too long ago.

Well I recently pulled them out of storage to find that a bottle of brake fluid had leaked over the whole lot.

This caused the box they were in to go soggy and paste themselves to the rotors so they need a good clean up.

The rotors and bells were originally part of a big brake kit for an Audi S3 Mk1 and should therefore be compatible with similar cars from that era.

There is no lip on either rotor as they've covered barely any mileage before I sold the car, there is however a slight groove on the rotors where it looks like either a stone has got in or perhaps the dodgy pistons on the calipers caused it.

Price - £250 delivered (£460 new without bells)

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Hi mate I'm down in Kilwinning Ayrshire
I'm doing a Porsche cayenne 6 pot conversion on my mk4 golf r32
And urgently need discs !!!
Can you tell me what size these discs your selling are??and if there 5x100 stud pattern???
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