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aps remap.

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can any owners with a mk4 r32 please tell me if they are happy with their aps remaps, i have sports cats so hopefully having stage 2 remap, is the gains in performance worth the money, and is the driving feel and no flat spots etc ok. I have only ever read great feed back about this garage and how all owners love to go back. but is their software bang on and up to date? has any owners had any probs with their remaps at aps, most owners i have read, have had teething probs with their remaps from other companys,:hmmmm2:
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no views on this?
Sorry mate - been out all day. I've had no problems with my APS remap and I am really happy with it:top: Nothing but praise from me.
APS stage 2 with race cats ect,

Really transformed the cars drive / pull and even better mpg.

There cheaper than revo ect which is why I went for them as I couldn't justify £500 + on an NA car esp with no internal mods.

Good guys and well worth the trip :top:

Loving my APS remap since the first day it was done.

As the map is also adjusted whilst the car is being driven, it makes it specific to each individual car, and therefore spot on IMO.
cheers guys booking her in this week with aps, spoke to ed he seems very helpful.
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