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Bought my 2007 DBP from VW in St Ives, Cambridge at the end of March 2012, it had 28k on the clock and 1 previous owner and having taken it for a test driver bought it that day.

Previously owned a range of cars such as MK2 Golf (3), Ford Focus (2), Saab Aero and a Mk5 Golf Gti.

Once my kids started getting a little older and driving in my Ford Focus 2.0TDCI I was quite keen to move onto something a little bit different, so went for a 52 plate Saab Aero and initially it didnt disappoint and the power was pretty good however the torque steer soon became a bore so decided to go back to basics. Always loved my VWs Golfs so decided to look into an upgrade into a MK5, started to research and was hooked at getting a silver Mk5 R32 from Listers VW in Coventry. I spoke to the dealer and on the day I was going to travel up to see the car my wife persuaed me to look at a silver Gti that was sitting at VW on Milton Rd in Cambridge. Reluctantly I agreed and it did make monetry sence to look at the lesser Gti. Turned up that morning and took the Gti for a test drive and it felt so much more of a confident drive compared to my Saab and i was hooked, went back to the dealer and agreed a part exchange into the Gti.

Move on 4 months and I was still pining for the R32, week on week i could not get the model out of my head and so decided enough was enough. Ultimately it WAS my wifes fault, she didnt understand the difference between the mk5 models and so was purely thinking about money over driveability, style and noise.

A Mk5 R32 DSG became available from a Marshalls dealer in Cambridge so I called him a set up a test drive but my wife refused to come. I went and oh what a car, the DSG was nothing like any slow and clunky auto which I had previously driven in my past. Had a 15min drive over crap and decent road surfaces and the ride was perfect and the engine just purred from start to finish.

On returning home and talking to the wife we decided that that car wasnt the one for us as although the inside looked great and the DSG felt as new, the exterior was so rough as it had gouges on the roof where racks had been and the alloys had scrapes pretty much all around them and Marshalls werent very accommodating with a financial deal considering the problems with it.

Move on 2 months and i was still actively looking when another one came up in my immediate area around 15 miles away at VW St Ives. This time somehow persuaded the wife to come with me for a test drive and lied to her when saying that I wasnt interested in buying it. The car had 28k on the clock and looked very tidy inside and out so this was going to be the perfect opportunity to go home with something a little bit special.

I was sold on it so from the start so it was the wife which I had to pursuade. Once the test drive was over my wife was amazed with the difference between our Gti and the R32 (which I had told her but she thought I was talking crap) and so we decided to buy it there and then by trading in our Gti (VW put my car for sale at exactly the same price that I had bought it for 6 months and 7k miles ago)

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MK5 2007
28,000 miles
Leather Seats
Everything else standard
1 x 50 something year older previous owner

Yes overpriced, but did manage to get 2 years free servicing (1 was offered with the car anyway) and the obligitary 1 years warranty for peace of mind.

After the first few months on enjoyable driving I was starting to find that although I loved the noise of the car when giving it the beans I was then finding it to mild at low speeds so decided to upgrade the exhaust. Listened to quite a few videos of various makes of exhaust but finally decided to go a little bit left field and go for a custom cat back exhaust from Longlife apposed to more common aftermarket types.

Longlife, Ipswich was my local garage and so rang and spoke to David who convinced me of the build quality and so took him up on offer and paid him £484 to personalise the exhaust sound to my liking.

Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate

Next thing was to clay, polish and wax the car and it did come up really nice

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Window

I was constantly looking at more ways to improve the base R32 and so started to add new little bits here and there

Nuespeed springs, 12mm rear spacers, R32 centre caps and splitter fitted

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire Wheel Automotive tire Light Automotive lighting Hood

Nuespeed springs were a little harsh for the countryside and so decided to replace them with a set of H&R which didnt really change the stance but gave a more comfy ride.

Dropped a pipercross air flter into the air box which gave a suprisingly positive increase to throttle response

Had 80% tints applied to the rear windows by a company in Huntingdon called car2tint who were recommended to me by a friend which cost me £140. Very pleased with the results so took some pics

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Window

Overall after nearly 3 years of ownership, I love my car and my wife loves it too as even though they are not yet sought after by the masses they certainly are headturners


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