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richardshek said:
Hi Lee, fancy making some...am sure alot of guys n gals would be interested? Good prices please....:xD
It is a cradle from a desion kit or similar blended in but could be done for other leads

Could do them for about £85 plus the lead/cradle of choice


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Hi Lee thanks for info, I will PM you soon, I just wanna check which cradle suits best as I've already got an ipod connection (without cradle) from head unit. :)

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Holy thread resurrection Batman!

I completed my project today which ended not too dissimilar to this. As some of you may have read, I recently bought an R32 for my girlfriend, which came with the MFD1 unit and 6 cd changer. My girlfriend has all her music on her iphone (as do I), so I really needed ipod connectivity one way or another. I saw this thread and having done something a little like this before in my S2000, I thought Id have a crack. Sadly, I'm one of those people who enjoys looking at others DIY install pics, but is crap at taking my own. I can email some on request if people are interested, but I will outline what I did below:

I decided not to install the unit in the small removeable ashtray itself, but in the larger housing which also contains the cigarette lighter. The reason being, is that I needed to drill and enlarge some holes in the back of the housing anyway. If the dock were installed in the smaller removable tray, you would have to drill all the holes twice, which to me seemed overkill. So, onto the components for the install:

I used and iPod dock from eBay, and this is actually the only part im slighbtly unhappy with. Search for USB Ipod Dock and you will see hundreds of listings, but they essentially fall down to one of two models, and I bought one which on deliver I realised is deisgned specifically for the iPhone or touch. The ergonomics mean you cannot use this dock with a larger iPod classic. There is one, which is like the pic shown at the top of the thread, which will accomodate an iPod classic, but only comes in white.... I have ordered one of these and will swap the docks over when it arrives. The dock is really neither here nor there, as the "hard" bit is soting out the wiring, if your not an electronics guru. Cost for a dock is about £5.

For the circuit I got nearly all I needed from Maplins. You need a female cigarette lighter adapter (about £3), some spade end connections (£4 gets an assorted bag), an in line fuse holder (£1.50), a 1 amp fuse (about £2 from Halfords), soldering iron (if you dont have one, £8 or something), approx 1m of wire (I used 24/0.2, which is multi strand, single core, which is about £1), and you will also need a lead that terminates in a 3.5mm phono jack, and connects to the back of your MFD (will vary if youre trying to do this with another headunit), again I sourced this from eBay for £12 or thereabouts. I purchased a dual cigarette lighter adapter with some usb ports on it (about £14), which enabled me to use a usb ipod cable to connect and power the dock, it also means you can hardwire a satnav in too from the same feed. If you dont need this, then you can buy an ipod cable that terminates in a 12v cigarette lighter fitting.


Lets start with the docking station end, this is the easy bit. The 3.5mm jack and ipod cable plug into the back of it to take the sound and charge the ipod. The 3.5mm jack cable feeds to the back of the MFD using the AUX socket. The iPod cable connects ultimately to the female cigarette lighter adapter, directly if you use the direct 12v cigarette adapter lead, or via the dual socket with USB connectivity if thats your thing.

Now to the business end, and this involves the wiring of the back of the female lighter socket adapter. There are 3 solder points on the back of it, the centre is live and either of the sides can be used as an earth. For the positive wire, one end will be soldered to this cigarette adapter, then you solder in an in line fuse holder, and on the other side of the fuse holder, I had a small (15cm) length of cable, terminated in an open spade end connector. (So you need 2 pieces of cable for the live wiring).

For the earth its easy, you just need to attach it to either outside spade on the cigarette adapter and the other end to an open end spade connector.

You should keep the length of cable between the spade and fuse holder reasonable short on the live side.

I disconnected the battery and removed the MFD using a cut up credit card (very high tech) cut at 45 degree angles at the end, placing them in the 4 corner slots (easy to do, search for thread on this). Roll back the lid of the ash tray compartment. Take out removable tray. After this you will see a torx screw (size 20 I think), remove this and the whole housing will come loose, start to pull it up and out over the gear stick, and once clear of the hole it was originally in, unclip the adapter that is connecting the car's cigarette lighter socket (easy).

Then the housing will be loose. At the rear of this there are two vertical "slits", and I englarged the one on the right as you look from front to back on the housing, using a dremel. I made this large enough to get the 3.5mm jack cable into (which in turn meant it was also big enough for the ipod connector) The sheath of the jack cable is pretty thick!

Once this was done I made a little support for the ipod dock to sit on so that it took the dock to the right height within the ashtray compartment. I used some aluminium strip to do this (simply bent it into shape), but Im sure there are many other unique solutions to doing this.

Next you need to remove the trim under the right hand side of the steering wheel and also the undertray that is above the pedals (obvious when you look). 3 torx scres hold the RHS piece in place, as well as some spring clips, so be careful when taking this out. Once this is done the tray above pedals comes out easily enough. Next job was to identify the power points and identify which can be used for purpose. Multimeter in hand, there were 4 power connection points, 2 coloured red showing "30A", and I used the one on the right hand side if you were looking at the steering wheel, or on the left if you are on your back, head under the dash. This is a permanent live when the key was in but the ignition was not turned on, which is consistent with the MFD. There is a suitable earth bolt on the far left hand side of the 4 power points (from steering wheel perspective, or far right if you are head under dash). Simply loosen the bolts a little and slide the spade adaptors over the bolts (live to the "30A" point and earth to the side bolt). I secured the female adapter and all other wiring under the dash using double sided tape. From here you can run the ipod cable round into the cubby hole beneath the ashtray compartment, which is also where the 3.5mm jack should be once the aux end has been connected to the MFD. If not done so already put the MFD back in.

Now is a good time to test the circuit. Connect the dock to the ipod connector and 3.5mm jack, and reconnect the battery. Put the key in the ignition, enter the MFD code, and select AUX in on the MFD. Place the iPod into the dock and it should charge the ipod, select some music, hit play, and with any you should be in business.

If so, reassemble all trim in reverse order you took it apart. If problems, carefully work through the wiring to make sure its all in check.

If you are unconfident in doing the wiring youself, best ask someone else, but it really isnt too difficult. The main hurdles will be getting the MFD code after disconnecting battery (if you dont have it), and breaking trim if you are ham fisted.

So take your time and good luck, a working solution can be achieved. The final result leaves the ipod/iphone a little close to the climate control keys, so careful where you position the dock, and remember its nice if the aluminium lid shuts over it!

Happy to answer any questions, and can try to post pics on request.

Good luck
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