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Audi Wingbacks —> Mk 5 R32 - Wiring changes, help pls

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I’ve fitted a pair of Audi wingbacks in my R32.
The connectors are the same - but the wiring beyond that is quite different.

Some research leads me to believe there are more haeting elements in these Audi seats (They’re 2007 date code, as is my car)
The passenger seat had the heated elements on all the time - and even when I disconnest that it drains the battery at an alarming rate.

Q - I’ve searched the forum but the results are swamped with cards for sale - I’m sure someone has done this seat fitment before - but can anyone pls point me at the thread and/or know the wiring changes required please?

Thanks in advance
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Hi - bump - if anyone can help me it would be appreciated
can you give any more information of those seats? what vehicle were they out of?
Hi - Yes, sorry - they are standard RS3 wingbacks - same physical dimensions, slightly different trim pattern.
They have the 2-pin connector to detect the seatbelt, the pink and yellow connectors as the proper R32 Recarros - but the wiring under the seat is quite different.
Any chance if a few photographs of the wiring. When I deleted my heated seats the wiring was reasonably straight forward with little more that a switched power and ground to the heating element .
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