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Just finished fitting the Milltek manifolds to my mk4. Here's a few pics of the job as it went along.

I removed front bumper and cross member and pulled the radiator forward with it. Whilst leaving all hoses attached it created enough room to get the inlet out the way.

Using a mirror the 9 x 6mm Allen head bolts came out with relative ease. Except one which was blocked by the alternator mounting.

I had removed the cats, downpipes, heat shields and prop shaft earlier when trying to find the problem.

The rest was quite easily accessed from above. The tool I used most throughout was my 1/4 inch socket set.

It took a bit of time to get the front panel positioned right so that the headlights sat nicely back into the wing with a decent panel line.

It was all worth it, no exhaust blow, no squeak from the shot flexi. The engine runs much smoother and no Eml light.

Happy days.


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