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BBS CH 18" ET30 with 996T brakes?

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Does anybody have this set up already? I'm planning on installing my brakes at the weekend and hoping I don't need any spacers, just wondering if anybody has tried this set up before?

Really don't want to run spacers as it scrubs slightly as it is already but 3/4mm spacers I could deal with.
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CH's don't fit with porkas, I only had reps but never in a million years without a 35mm spacer on the front
Reps are a fair bit different to genuine though.

Sounds like mine should have just about enough clearance, but might possibly need a 3mm spacer.
Put it this way there's about 15mm gap between the wheels and my standard R32 calipers.
The answer if anybody wants to know is NO they won't fit, needs at least a 10mm spacer but too much poke.

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You on standard aristos though?
Hate to say it but......

Research I did suggested just a 3mm spacer, glad I didn't buy any now!

Anybody want to buy my CH's?
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