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BBS LM question

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Hi Chaps....
Just going to buy some LM's for my 32....
Could you help me with sizes? I really want the slightly staggared look 19" 8.5 J front and 9.5J rear, just need help with the offset sizes? 25mm? 35mm? I know this will be a pain with the 4wd etc
Any help would be fab!!!
Cheers chaps
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Here are some pics of my lms:

Car was washed, a layer of megs no 7 covered with jetseal, and followed by a layer of oraange crush dodo wax, then a layer of concours the next day.

Mine are BBS LM 147 19x8.5 all round. You could do 19x9.5 the rear would look ace.

Thinking about it, if you mamanged to get 19x9.5 all round i would swap you with cash two of them.

But thats if you manage to find some as i think its only BBS Japan that will sell them.


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are they available in 17" and will 17"s fit over the brakes?
Yeah you can get them in 17s but im not sure if they will fit, all depends on the angle of the spokes.
ive got some lm's 18x8.5 front and 18x10 rears ;) just getting some work done to them, will post pics up when done
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