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Be gentle with me!

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Hi guy's and gals, not a R32 owner but part of the RSownersclub and often come onto other forums to see if people like to attend different events, like Rolling Roads or track days, so just a hi to the site really, will post up a track offering in a bit!:D

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welcome Rod :) what car do you have? Im assuming focus rs?
Yes, sorry, I drive a modified Focus RS!
hi welcome to the site
we,ll not hold it against you for owning a ford it,s a medical condition bless you :laugh:
just kidding they are good motors i nearly bought an escort cosworth, nearly phew hehe!
:laugh: Had Fords all my life and the FRS is a massive improvement! I'm running ( as are quite a few) nearly 100bhp over standard, over past 2 1/2yrs, with only 2 little (£70 total) mishaps and considering it's now 5 yrs old, there are still no squeaks or rattles!

Is this forum for both new and old R32 and what sort of power are you lot running?

Cheers for the welcome too!:151:
hi and welcome mate :top: doesnt matter that you own a ford, diversity is what its all about

the forum is for all enthusiasts, mk4/mk5 a few gti owners and others too

bhp wise, theres only a few members who are running serious serious power and they are over in germany, with the majority running on average 20-50 over standard i reckon
Love the Focus RS really wish Id had one instead of my CTR, could still be tempted to be honest.
Would be interested to find out what mines running bhp wise.
Lovely car, just a shame about the dash IMO. Shane who still uses the forum moved from a mark iv to an RS and he loves it. Welcome mate, as VC says all enthusiasts welcome.
Cheers guys, warm welcome appreciated, now who's coming on track?:evil::burnout::D
Welcome to the forum :ciao:
Hello and welcome to the site!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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