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Being Too Picky?

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Hi guys, looking to buy my second R32. Had one last year (mk4), and sold it september time. Bought a cooper s but I miss the power and status. So I come bearing a few questions:

Is looking for a mk4 with 30k, or less miles, being silly? There seems to be very little around, even none from vw.

I'd like to buy from vw for warranty, but what is a warranty from warranties direct or similar like? Anyone on here use them?

Last golf was a 52 plate and went through 4 coils in a few months. Was this rectified with later cars or just a problem with the cars?

Hopefully I'll find the right spec. In no rush so waiting for the right one aint a problem. Long as it's here for summer for some more driving fun :cool:
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i went to VW Dealer in West Yorkshire only had mine 3 weeks lovin it tho, i paid 15k for a Black 3 door, 53 plate 29900 miles, FVWSH and just had 4 new Pirelli tyres before i picked it up, also 12months VW Warrenty the only thing it hasnt got is Sat Nav and Cruise Control, i went to vw just for the warrenty paid a little bit more coz its a dealer but for peace of mind if anythin breaks i didnt mind. But i was going to get Awsome to fit the Cruise control for me anyway so that wasnt a problem for me think its £149+vat.

Good luck with finding one anyways mate.

sounds perfect just what I'd be looking for. suppose it's a specialist car and gotta wait for the right one
Absolutely. Just wait, and be prepared to travel. Try to ask as many questions on the phone, to save wasted journeys. And check the ads everyday, coz good ones will get snapped up at least by the following weekend.

I have travelled over 500 miles to look at a car on more than one occasion. (both trips were successful).

Good luck.

What sort of spec and colour are you after? Also whats your budget?

Also don't know what your budget is, but suggest you have a look on pistonheads classfieds. There are a few on there so it may be worth a look.
When I was looking to buy my R32 I went to look at and try 3 different ones on VW Dealer forecourts they were all 53/03 plates, mileage varied from 20k up to 45K the price on the other hand was always around the £17K-19K mark!! Each one, in my opinion, although a great drive was heavily over priced!

In the end I sat on it kept an eye on here and Pistonheads and although it took a while laid my hands on a mint 53 Reflex Silver with every dealer optional extra bar sat nav on 36K miles for £13.5K. Don't know how you feel but saving £3.5K to 5.5K on a buy price more than totally out weighs any warrenty that VW could throw at it! Plus it leaves you some cash for mods, if your that way inclined.

Off course buying private has its pit falls but if you know enough to have a good check around the car, go in informed with the right questions and be willing to barter a little you should get on well.
Moschops said:

What sort of spec and colour are you after? Also whats your budget?
Pretty much any spec and colour, although I had silver last time so thats prob last in line.

Budget will be pretty much top end for mk4's for the right car.

There's one on pistonheads just now with 8000miles :eek: no contact from seller though.

Looks like I'll be waiting. In no rush but you know what it's like.

So aftermarket warranties anyone use them? 500 quid a year for the R, would you pay it or stick it in the bank incase something goes wrong?
I have taken out a monthly warranty with Warranty Direct

Got Franchised dealer covered Major Care one (which covers wear and tear) for £40 a month. Heard good things about them from others who have claimed etc and when only paying monthly it seems good option. Plan to have it for 6 months and if trouble free ill probably leave it at that.
i bought my r32 from a vw main dealer in sept 07. 03 plate with 45k on the clock for £14.5k. I have taken it back a few times for a couple of little things, and they have been brilliant...even done the 6463 update. but i suppose the dealers vary alot by what other people say...definatley worth spending the extra money going to a main dealer....even if nothing goes wrong with, just the peace of mind is worth it IMO
hi - yes i bought mine from a vw dealer about 18 months ago - waited a long time for the right one (black 3 door, leather, sunroof, sat nav) with only 16k miles and 1 owner - i even travelled over 300 miles to view - paid top money at the time but for me the 12 month warranty was well worth it - basically towards the end of the 12 months the emissions light came on with the end result that all 4 lambda probes and the 2 CATs were replaced under warranty so glad it had it as VW told me with parts it was about £1k worth of work !

Be patient what you want will turn up !
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