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Ive been hearing afew things about this alternative fuel, bio-ethnol. Supposed to increase you octain rating to about 107 i think and its cheaper and greener than conventional fuel :eek: unfortunatly its only available in afew places in the uk :crying: but still a good thing to look out for in the future!
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Does the NEW Saab run on it ?

Well if it's cheaper and you can get better mpg it helps.

But not here in Suffolk though.
im not to sure, i think most new enviromental cars run on lpg, electric or bio fuels. Bio ethnol is slightly different i think :unsure: ,it runs 85%ethnol and 15%petrol. You are suposed to get more mpg and you fill it out of a normal pump!
Isn't bio ethnol the stuff you can make in your shed with vegetable oil and a few rather explosive chemicals (Ethanol and Methanol) in the right quantities?
so would the .:R run on Bio-Ethonol? i thought that was a Diesel fuel??
StuOwen86 said:
so would the .:R run on Bio-Ethonol? i thought that was a Diesel fuel??
Well my mistake lol after reading some websites about it sounds good like i said would the .:R run on it as there is a Morrisons about 4miles away from me that sells it so depending how much cheaper and if it would work might be a good idea.
i would't go putting it in your R's...the car has to be E85 compatible for it to run

...its more corrosive and the car has to be designed to use the stuff...also it causes more engine wear...as well as giving poor starting performance when its really cold

and the mpg is worse
I know there is abit more wear on the consumable parts such as fuel filters ect i wouldnt have thought it was more corrose as its only really alcohol and petrol combined.Regards to the MPG im not to sure but i know E85 has a higher octane rating than conventional fuels. As far as im aware alll you need is a controller which fits between your injectors and the loom, this changes the pulse length for the injectors which puts in more or less fuel (E85). I think thats how it works :S
wish it was that easy...i work as an engine development engineer so its something im looking at myself

valves, valve seats, piston rings all suffer due to the E85's poor lubricating properties...

E85 has a lower energy content per unit mass so although it gives a higher RON you need to put more in... thus giving a lower MPG... you'll also need some pretty hefty injectors (usual increase required is 40%)

with regards to its corrosive properties...fuel lines, pumps and any seals need checking...

then you have additional bits like fuel sensors...and forget about 'miles till empty' readings as they won't know what you have in your tank until it runs through the pump
well i went past the garage that sells it not too far from me today and its 100.2p so not really much difference there anyways, maybe compared to the 110.9p i pay for super unleaded but still it only works out a few quid over a tank.
I stand corrected lol. Sounds pretty pricey to be honest. I thought it may have been a cheaper alternative to petrol. Sounds lyk the drawback out weigh the benifits.
I'm running my r on maxol e5 bi etanhol fuel think it's only a low percentage bi etanhol, but i know it's 99 octane. benn on it 6 months wit no probs and car goin better than ever.
I heard that you can mix ethanol with regular fuel
20/80 mix.

Someone else heard about this?
Tesco 99RON already contains bio-ethanol, although I think it's only about 3%

Tesco 99RON
An enhanced additive package;
To remove existing deposits and help the engine to run more smoothly, Tesco 99 Octane contains an enhanced additive package with twice the protective power of typical 95 octane fuel.

And cleaner inside;
Tesco 99 Octane contains low levels of olefinic compounds which can lead to the creation of deposits - typically less than 5%, compared with up to 18% in standard petrols. So it's less likely than standard petrols to create engine deposits in the first place.

With biofuel too;
Tesco 99 Octane contains bioethanol - a renewable component with 135 octane. So if you are choosing a super fuel, you still do a little bit for the environment.
We don´t have that i Sweden.
That´s why I wondered if I can mix myself. example.. put 10 liters of ethanol and 40 liters of gas
Not sure I would want to make it myself, but if you do want to try it I wouldn't put anthing more than about 5%, so say 48 litres of fuel to 2 litres of ethanol.

I definately do not recommend it tho, and take no responsibility should you do!
We don´t have that i Sweden.
That´s why I wondered if I can mix myself. example.. put 10 liters of ethanol and 40 liters of gas
Ethanol is widely used in the US. All gasoline must have 10% or so mixed in by xxxx.
It has less energy, so normally your mileage suffers a little.
But as it has a very high octane rating one could tune an engine just for ethanol. Compression higher, aggressive timing etc. and probably get a better mpg and more hp. But with a normal engine I fail to see the advantage.
Right right right, BEFORE you all go putting some weird shit brewed by Ma and Pa Clampett in ya tanks you ALL need to PM GolfR32Golf and ask him about the contents of petrol etc. He's an offshore engineer for Shell and will tell you all what you need to know, he also happens to be a top bloke and very handy under the bonnet of an R. Get in touch with him before you all do some lasting damage to those gorgeous R's of yours and tell him i said to talk to him, he explained it all to me (inc the profits Shell make per day) and it makes unbelievable sense and he's as straight talking as they come. DO IT!!!

PS love you all
or you could even get a water/methanol injection kit, for instance the snow performance kit: http://www.snowperformance.net/products.php?p_cat=305

I run this on my car but i use to to increase the ron rating of v-power. But i have on one occasion when on the way back from holland had to put in 95 ron stuff and knew that with the methanol it would be fine.

Now i can buy the methanol at £8 for 5l. I reckon i can get at least 4 tank fulls out of it so 1k. So if you did want to save money you could get the water/methanol injection and then run this stuff with 'normal' unleaded and would be running the same ron rating or above then v-power :)
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