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Welcome to the sale of my R32.
A car that I wanted for many years and finally went ahead almost 2.5 years ago.
After viewing several examples I soon realised it was going to be difficult to find the one for me. Money wasn't too much of an issue but I still struggled to find one that was, well, everything I wanted it to be.

2008 Volkswagen R32
Black pearl
66,721 (will go up)
Full VW dealer service history /mot
Heated leather
Rear sensors
Vw apple CarPlay double din upgrade
2 previous owners

The car has been serviced every single year regardless of mileage by VW.
Haldex (and filter) serviced at 20,048; 41,143 and 58,522 miles.
The stamps in the book are: 9512; 20048; 27210; 33696; 37744; 41143; 49205; 51174; 54164; 58,522, 64402

The first owner had it for 10 years.
I think this guy was probably single or it was his weekend car, judging by the condition, more on that later.
All invoices for all the work are in the folder as well as stamps in the book.
New coil springs as well as spark plugs when recommended.
Owner number 2 had the car for just 6 months.
In this time he replaced brake pads and discs all round and had both front wings replaced under warranty.
He also replaced faulty rear door lock and had wheels refurbished. That's when I bought the car.
Apparently he traded it in for a BMW M140. Fair enough.
I bought the car with a 15 month warranty and had the radiator replaced as it had a (very) small leak which was picked up by VW when I asked them to go over the top to find something wrong. The air con condenser was also replaced at the same time as it was a bit tired.

The reason I bought this car, and paid handsomely for it, is that as well as the history of the car being above and beyond, the cars condition is simply stunning.
The inside is just beautiful. There isn't a single sign of wear on any of the controls, or pretty much anything else. The seats are in fantastic condition and the only thing that annoys me is a small scratch on the VW badge on the steering wheel. Quoted £900 by VW to replace it as it houses the airbag. It's a small detail but that sort of thing annoys me. The car smells beautiful (no smoking, eating or drinking- water permitted) and the leather is cleaned and conditioned every 3-4 months. The carpets were all protected with lifeshine interior protectant. The drivers mat is showing some signs of wear.
There is a tiny scratch on the rear plastic trim near the door, which is in pictures, and is annoying for someone like me but really not bad at all.
Outside the car has the usual small stone chips on the front but altogether the paint work is lovely. Any small defects have been touched up pretty well, anyone who looks at the car will usually say wow, I've never seen one in such good condition. I am a keen detailer and have all the gear. I have never had to use the machine polisher as the paint was great from when I bought it. I Clay, Hand polish and seal the car before winter and then wash, glaze and wax. It's a breeze as long as it's done regularly. Even though it's black!
The rims only have 1 curb mark which I'm happy to get sorted before the sale. I don't even know when it happened.
The blue brakes callipers are newly painted and a lovely blue.
Tyres are Pilot super sport 4's all round with good tread. Air con was regassed when the condenser was replaced.

The car was completely standard when I bought it. The only thing I've done is a Milltek non resonated exhaust, as I wanted to hear more of that fantastic noise. I have kept the original which is in really good condition and will discuss options with the buyer.

Basically the car is lovely. No worrying noises from the timing chain, of course they all make some noise at low speed at a certain rpm. I have found that changing the oil myself between services is best for peace of mind to keep it all nice and clean.
The garage is where this car spends all of its time unless its being driven.
I didnt want to compromise when I was searching and this one really had it all going on. I originally didn't want a black one but when I saw it, I changed my mind.
The apple car play is amazing and really brings the car up to date.
I have all the paperwork in a folder right up to the original sale invoice.
Almost forgot has had a new battery too last December.
I try to let the car warm up a few minutes before driving and then always wait until all is up to temp before driving with any conviction.
Only Shell V-power or Tesco momentum. The odd BP ultimate (yuk) as a top up when I'm desperate to get me to a decent petrol station.

As I said I spared no expenses when purchasing, so this really is worth the money. I am fully aware you can probably find one with similar mileage for half the price. If that's what you want, go and buy it. I'm looking to sell this car to someone who understands how it has been looked after and will carry on doing so. That comes at a slight premium.
I'm in no hurry to sell and the price reflects everything mentioned above. If you are seriously interested, please let me know and you can come and view. Please no silly offers, especially without seeing the car first.
If you view the car and would like to buy it, negotiations are possible.
I live near Salisbury in Wiltshire.

Feel free to ask any questions. Test drives (with insurance) and inspections welcome. Happy to drive halfway for a serious buyer upon sale.
The car has recently had an MOT and passed with no advisories. As expected.
I'm selling as I am going self-employed and cannot justify two cars and simply don't have the space.
Part of me wants to keep it but sometimes you just have to do it. If their value doubles in 5 years I'll be crying.
If you're looking for a stunning example with faultless history, low owners and miles, let me know.
I have lots of photos so please feel free to ask. Also happy to send a video walk around via WhatsApp
Thank you

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Thanks Andy, it deserves a good write-up!
I realised that all the pictures I have are from a few years ago. Although the condition is the same I would rather they were up to date. I will include some pictures when the rain stops and I have a chance to get the buckets out. I'm in no hurry anyway. I also need to remember how to post pictures on here. I remember it not being straightforward.

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Just a quick update. I didn't end up going self employed so selling the car wasn't really essential anymore. Happy I didn't as the prices are on the rise! Hoorah!
Looking to sell in around 8 months or so. I will post some pics up here when I make the move.
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