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Black R32 rims...

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Good afternoon everyone..........

Can anyone help me try and find some pics of R32 which have been sprayed black?

Have a MK4 32 in blue.........and am dying to get my wheels done in black...but would love any pics / advise any one can offer !!!

Thank you boys & girls

Jordi Boy
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hey Jordi. Welcome to the site :)

Me, Mak and Macdaddy all have coloured wheels. mine are titanium gunmetal in a matt finish, i believe Macdaddys are soft grey with a gloss finish and i think Mak's are a very similar colour but again with a gloss finish.

have a look through the members rides section and im sure there are some in there, if not ill post some more pics up into here for you.
Hiya Wayne...

Thanks for the info mate. Yeah would be great if you had any pics you could show us mate.....must say yours looks sweet as of what I can you in your signature pic....

Cheers mate !!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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