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Bleeding brakes

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I have a couple of questions regarding removing brake calipers.

If I remove my brake calipers to respray them can they be bled the old fashioned way when refitting with 2 people one pressing the pedal while the other opens/shuts the bleed nipple or does the abs pump need to be ran or something with vag com?

Also does anyone know what the thread is on the end of the flex to the caliper so I can plug it off while the calipers are removed?

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I wouldn't bother totally removing them from lines they aren't easy to undo so just take the caliper off from the carrier and zip tie it up prep and paint it

The carrier can be removed no problem but you won't have to rebleed them just need something to push the pistons back in like water pliers or a clamp
Agree with Predator. But if you take em off; Yeah, just bleed it the traditional way after. The thread might be M10x1, but not sure...
I'm fitting new discs and pads so I'll have the carriers off anyway. Do you mean brush paint them? I wanted to spray them, if I did that wont I get overspray everywhere? Just thought I'd be able to do a better job with them removed as I would definitely spray them then. Is the finish any good when brush painted or can the brush marks be seen?
Paint brush is a crap finish. Use high temp brake paint in a can and they'll come up great. I keyed mines before painting and further sealed with lacquer.
When bleeding the brakes on these it works opposite to other cars.
Start closest to the master cylinder then work away.
Hammerite doesn't leave any brush marks
Ideally a vagcom will need to be used to bleed the abs pump through and you will need to bleed the clutch too

If the brake fluid is a few years old then replace it anyway ATE racing blue fluid is a good way to go
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