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Sooooo........ I've had quite the journey on my R32. It has turned out to be alot more work than I thought. I guess you could say it is rather "hard earned". I am happy to do it if it means saving one of these amazing cars and putting it back on the road (and track days😁😁). It is kind of my thing. There is quite a bit of work to do on the body. There was rust in the driver's rocker panel. Dents in the rear upper lefthand corner of the body, looks like from a hammer. A dent in the hatch. Plus There was silicone all over the right rear quarter panel from some half-assed body work, glueing on the rocker panel trim instead of securing it properly, which I had to grind off and now have to patch and sand. Also, a split front bumper cover, which I've repaired and am smoohing out. I'm debating on having the car wrapped instead of being painted. 1. Its cheaper and faster, I'll have to wait in line for 6 mths for a painter. 2. I don't have to be as anal retentive on the body work. What do y'all think?
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