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Brand new R32 Owner/Possible SEMA Car

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Getting my 08' R32 tomorrow morning and I don't think i will sleep much tonight. Had an 05' Golf TDI...economical car....but this will be a new ballgame. Looking forward to soaking in all the aftermarket options for it.
Also looking for any aftermarket producers looking to do any sponsership. If we (Kelderman Air Ride......www.kelderman.com) can drum up enough interest we will feature it at our SEMA booth this fall in Las Vegas. We normally specialize in the truck market with lift kits and custom trucks. We have excellent name recognition in the air-ride suspension market and have trucks in 8-Lug, tuckin' so on and so forth pretty much every month.
Gonna start brainstorming when we get the car tomorrow.
Anyways it feels good to be in the R32 family.
Clint Kelderman
Kelderman Air-Ride
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Hi and welcome,

Yep I bet you won't sleep well tonight as tomorrow morning will be along time away before you pick up your new 08 R32.

Happy motoring,lol.

Post some pictures up when you can.
welcome to the site Clint.

Air ride on a mk5 i dont think has been done yet? Will look awesome.
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