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Break disc issues

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Is the car regularly used?

Is it only one disc or both sides?
It certainly does look like a sized caliper although that wouldn't cause a noise when that wheel was loaded up. That's normally a sign of a wheel bearing on it's way out.

I would find a nice quiet country road and step hard on the brakes a few times to see if it cleats up otherwise I would strip the caliper and free it up.
I get the grinding noise too if I leave my car for a few days due to surface rust on the face of the discs. Reason why I dismissed this was that he said it was only on one disc.
I'm on my phone so it's hard to see the damage to the disc in detail.
its got 2 score lines right the way around the disc it started as 1 now there's 2 and they getting deeper
That's normally caused by a stone being stuck between the caliper and the disc. Also ties in with the grinding noise. I
I've has stone stuck in my rear discs a couple of times and the noise was quite bad. First time it happened I was expecting the prop shaft to scraping along tbe ground, it was that bad.

Easy to fix though.
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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