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With the new rules in place, I thought it best just to set a few guidelines for buying and selling on the forum.

most of this will come across as self explanatory and common sense but I felt I needed to point a few things out anyway.

1) Be diligent. Do your research if you you feel you need to. If the seller has a low post count, dont automatically assume the worst. It could just be that they have an item for sale but are not a member and have no desire to become a long standing one.

2) Payment: Try and use a payment system such as PayPal where possible. Whilst no one likes the fee's they charge, its a small price to pay for security of your money.

3) Collection/Delivery: If the item is of value, dont skimp on the shipping and insurance. If you are collecting and are unsure about the person, or area, ALWAYS TAKE SOMEONE WITH YOU.

4) Check the members Feedback section found here - http://www.r32oc.com/forum/63-feedback/
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