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Calling All Yorkshire 32 Members

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Might be an idea to see how many members are in the Yorkshire area and arrange a meet one evening/weekend.
I am in North Yorkshire but work in Leeds
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yer good idea. i live in Wetherby and aslo know another lad with one from york. both MKV
I can be there if it is Leeds area, maybe Mat, Big Andy and Guy might fancy a trip out too? Keep us informed. Sam
Deffo be up for some action ;)

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Sounds like a plan.

I live in Rotherham, South Yorks.
This sounds like a real good idea would be good to see a few R's together and have a natter.
OK then we have a little interest and I am sure other members will follow shortly. Now we need to look at dates and possible location.
Leeds seems like an obvious choice as it is central and accessible for members from the North and South. What do you guys think?
If Leeds is the location, obviously up for suggestions, any ideas where?
Regarding dates is a weekend going to be easier or maybe an evening once the nights get a little brighter?
I am on holiday from March 2nd to 15th so any date after this is fine for me. I do hope that something can be arranged whilst I am away, if not I will pick up on my return.
you could meet up at the pizza hut car park on kirkstall road in leeds there are a few meets there or at the burger king sight at the bottom of the 621 big B&Q car park and very easy to find.
yeh i'd be up for that, locations are good or how about squires coffer bar sherburn in elmet, where dub preservation meet.
Good sugestions Mat I could walk to these places save on fuel costs :D:Dlol
Milk Bar would be fantastic, I know it well from my 2 wheel exploits.
Probably be better a little bit out of town,won't attract to much fed attention.
To be fair Andy I think the Feds respect us R owners a little more than the usual Rice boys, we're a little more responsible (plus we cant do burnouts!! lol).
Really looking forward to getting to meet everyone.
I used to organize a meet in the Old Peacock Pub outside Elland Road for the VR6 Owners club, its pretty central, right next to the M621 and its got a nice big carpark. Great for a Sunday afternoon pint and a natter, as long as Leeds aren't playing Millwall!!
I know what you're saying but problem is a lot of places atract the plebs and would'nt want to get involved with the local halfords chav meet.
Fair play fella. The weather's starting to improve a little (today an exception!!) Evening meets and a Sunday one especially would be great. Looking forward to making some like minded friends. ;)
Nice lazy Sunday afternoons talking motors and sneaking a sly shandy sounds good to me:):cool:
i'd be up for a meet. evening would be perfect but could make the odd sunday cos of work
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