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Hi everyone , long time no chat . I've owned my 2009 R32 for over 10yrs. now , what a fantastic joy it's been . To this day I still get a buzz each time I get in and turn the key ! .During this period I've not had anything major other than :- 3 x springs , rear discs + calipers , front discs x 2 , new undertray , drive shaft boots and the most annoying a collapsed ignition barrel ( £450 ) .
But now at 115,000mls , the cam chains have started to make a tinny / rattle noise ! . I bought a used Ross-Tech VCDS cable on ebay which showed the cam chain stretch figure of 4 to be of concern ! . So here goes , I'm going to have a go at changing chains, guides etc myself , I am an engineer , but NOT a motor engineer unfortunately . My main reference will be the fantastic Youtube vidios the very thoughtful fella has taken the time to make showing his start to finish job .
Having said all that , my question is - has anyone else done this , and if so , I would very much appreciate any feedback regarding the following :-
Where to purchase the Cam Lock Plate ?
Should I just bite the bullet and buy all VW OEM parts , or would any other suppliers be ok ?
Any other thoughts very welcome .
Regards Richard .
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