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Car Covers Do you need them?

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Ok, I have been looking for a car cover for sometime :D. One of the most annoying problems I have is when I clean the car and put it in the garage all nice a gleaming, within 1 week the car is covered in dust and looks well not gleaming.

I was looking for a company that does custom fit car covers, and after a bit of googling i came across this one


and I was looking at


I sent a RFQ and they replied

Dear Shaun,
Your Vehicle : Volkswagen Golf R32, 2003 (Hatchback)

Thank you for your enquiry. You have requested information on the
Stretch Satin, fully tailored Indoor Car Cover. The new soft stretchy fabric
hugs the car's every profile, looks good and performs as well if not
better than traditional fabrics. It is available in a vibrant range of
colours. Easy to use and store. A superb choice for indoor storage or
for show use.

*Stretch Satin* £275.00
after asking a few more questions

Dear Shaun,

Custom fit for the R32 (standard with no additional body kit)

Plaese put colour required in the order nots.

Custom made cover will take 2-3 weeks for delivery.

I am thinking of going with the blue one as I plan to not use my R32 for sometime.

So my questions are

1. Has anyone dealt with this people?
2. What do others do with their cars they have garaged which are not used on a daily basis?
3. Can you recommend an alternative?

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i used a cover on a show car i used to own. is it going to be sat outside? if so then dont bother as a long term solution as they can sweat and damage the finish on the paint.

indoors then i would use soft blankets

imho not worth the money fella, others may disagree
I was going to add what VC has I know people that have used car covers and they damage paint whether used inside or out. IMO I would never bother with them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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