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carbon wrapped

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Hi all.what do you think a carbon wrapped front grille will look like on a silver mk4 r.also thinking about carbon plates aswell.opinions please before i buy them.thanks and appologies for posting this in FOR SALE section ...doh
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Good point wez.think im gonna do it tomorrow:)
Yeah i will.i clayed and waxed it today and its lookin that good i felt like i needed to do something else to it .lol
don't do it , looks cheap and chavy. (that's my opinion).
thats what i dont want anakin,im definately not a chav .lol
Think im just gonna do the plates for the time.my nephew gotta black r with carbon plates an they look good.anyone know the best place to get a new rear wiper.i want a mk5 one i think they look better.
1 - 7 of 19 Posts
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