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had a few issues over the last few weeks with the car idling funny and just not feeling right...

had a couple of hours free this afternoon, so took the throttle body apart and gave it a clean and it feels alot better. not sure if my issue is sorted but it was really dirty so can have only helped.

i have a forge intake on my car, and it was very dirty with little bits of dirt rattling inside it....

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Cheempeej said:
Carb cleaner or any alcohol based products will be fine
Whiskey or aftershave ??

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i used isopropyl alcohol, just cause i had some laying around as i use it for wiping down panels after machine polishing. but yeah anything alcohol based works best, they have a dedicated throttle body cleaner if you can get some...

nice easy job and surprised me how dirty it was...lets hope it solves my problem...
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