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Cleaning the door hinges

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What do you folks use to clean the door hinges. Mine are gone very bad and not sure what to use.

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Very bad in what way! I just grease mine with white grease.
try de-greaser, polish them up then plenty of more grease
if its stubborn, get a tin of "gunk" and spray generously on a rag, wipe over the hinges and leave for about 20 minutes. then using hot water and fairy washing up liquid (wouldnt normally say use it as it contains salt and is bad for cars but has a good degreaser) clean the "gunk" off. then use clean water and rinse, dry thoroughly and then regrease it back up :D

and yes, its really called gunk, stinks to high heaven but its fantastic stuff
That area there is gone dirty so just wanted to see what is the best way to clean it up.
Will have to look up that gunk :D
Just use some All Purpose Cleaner through a foaming spray head, you can apply a little bit of grease afterwards to any moving parts. :burnout:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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