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coilovers? what drop do they achieve?

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Im sorry to post another thread about coilovers but i am ready to order some of my own and would like a little help please.

My question is, All the websites claim that the KW inox coilovers only drop to 40mm on the front and 35mm on the back?

however i have heard that they drop lower from various people?

is this true as a want a drop of about 50mm but also want the KW because of the reputation etc

H&R monotube coilovers claim to drop to 50mm front and back so i dont know what ones to go for, any advice would be a great help as i have money in bank and want to order asap! lol


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Is this is for a mk Iv then most coilovers only go to 35 to 40mm

The fronts are not the problem it's the rears, there is a solution, when you install them do not put the rear adjuster ring in and you will get a nice 50 to 60 mm drop easily

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GeordieR32 said:
sorry forgot to mention that it was for a MkV. lol would this still apply to me mate?
Don't know?

But if I had a mk v and lowered it I wouldn't even bother putting the adjuster in as they look awesome slammed

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