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Cold weather performance CAI?

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I know engine runs better with colder air being sucked in but my car was flying this morning. (3 degrees C). You really felt the engine picking up at 4000 rpm. I've got a K&N panel filter fitted. If I changed to a CAI, would it be like this all the time? :hmmmm2:
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cai's are 100% better than panels, the noise is cooler too :D

temp was 13.5 here today, so nice i went for a walk along the beach with the mrs :dancing:
I'm impressed with mine, definitely better throttle response. Think i need to get a front grill with holes in though to make the most of it, just a bit scared of it sucking up water though!
mine was lots beter till my temp sensor broke its now so slow untill the sensor decides to stop messing the engine about. plus the engine note with a carbonio changed at 4k rpm from a low tone to a high reving note, best bit about cai i think
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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